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Honeywell UOP, formerly known as UOP LLC or Universal Oil Products, is a multi-national company developing and delivering technology to the petroleum refining, gas processing, petrochemical production, and major manufacturing industries.

A former employee of Honeywell UOP wrote this: Working at Honeywell UOP there's very little support from bosses, travel ban soon after starting restricted my ability to move technology before. Ended up being a quotation rfq tech review PM role. Could have been way more engaging.


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Former Employee - CDP Engineer says

"Poor management, No control of time, fluctuating oil and gas market"

Current Employee - Staff Chemical Engineer says

"It would be difficult to find a more unethical employer than Honeywell, the parent company. The past 10 years have been all about reducing costs and propping up the stock price at the expense of the employee (and customers). There has been intense downward pressure on compensation (both salary and benefits) driven by excessive offshoring, coupled with hostility for the U.S. workforce, communities, and cultural institutions. If you want an example of sociopathic capitalism run amuck, look no further. Only vestiges of the original UOP corporate culture remain, and the institutional knowledge is rapidly being lost."

Former Employee - Senior Account Manager says

"Managers just managing up. No regard for employees. Abusive behavior is tolerated/encouraged. Overload the employees and then complain when work is not perfect. Don’t take a job not at HQ. no support outside of DesPlaines."


"This company does not care about a person. They pile work on you meant for multiple people, offer no help nor guidance, expect you to get it all completed in a day, and they simply do not care. They only care about money and nothing more. It is open environment which means you have ZERO privacy, no desk space, and as each coworker breaks down in tears you cannot console them without bring a tremendous amount of attention. So to give them some kind of privacy, you’re forced to ignore them. 80% of workers are contractors which means ZERO benefits and because you will be a contractor that means you are not allowed to participate in ANY UOP Honeywell company activities. No matter how appealing this place looks visually, it truly is not. It WILL break your spirit and they don’t care, all they will do is drive you to quit by setting you up for failure which they can then fire you; or, they flat out fire you. Like they did with a former colleague a week before his retirement (he’d been there for almost 20 years.) If you have any self value, don’t work here."

Former Employee - Operations says

"Cuss at all employees and have it recorded"

Current Employee - Manufacturing Technician says

"Bad benefits , and no morale."

Former Employee - Senior Engineer/Scientist, Research Engineer says

"I retired before I wanted to because I could see the company being destroyed by short-sighted management who only looked at how much cash could be stripped from the company over the next quarter. Benefits had become a joke and managers had no real power. VERY top down management style! Projects were started and then ended if no quick return on investment was seen as being in the next quarter! Following company slogans and management fads became more important than actually achieving results!"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"non-competitive benefits and frequent layoffs"

Former Employee - Technician says

"..But since several processes are extremely UNSAFE, things simply will not change until someone gets hurt."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Rarely, are employees recognized for their accomplishments in supporting and driving management's goals to completion, creating an unmotivated group of employees."

Senior Paralegal (Former Employee) says

"If you can avoid working here, please do so as HR is a joke and management often breaks labor laws. When you go to HR you will be blamed as opposed to them properly investigating the matter.Great payNo work life balance"

Senior Paralegal (Former Employee) says

"You will have no work/life balance. Morale is low. There are people with the same title who will not have nearly the same responsibilities. Management is horrendous. Avoid this company as the position that they sale you during the interview is not the position that you will have once you are hired.Great pay"

Lead Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"Things are headed south Micromanagement at the top and down thru all levels Eroding benefits No vision to show improvement Outsource projects and not have enought staff to manage the outsourced work"

Lead Product Tech.Manager - Rapid Thermal Process Technology (Renewable) says

"Very little support from bosses, travel ban soon after starting restricted my ability to move technology before. Ended up being a quotation rfq tech review PM role. Could have been way more engaging."

Chemical Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I worked here fresh out of college for about 3.5 years. I worked in several departments: R&D, Engineering, and Field Services. The pay isn't too great for new grads compared to other O&G companies, unless you work in Field Services. R&D is very fast-paced, and had the worst work-life balance. Engineering had the best work-life balance, but could be very boring at times. Field Service had the perks of travel pay, but you had to deal with demanding customers and never being home. If you want to gain expertise in refining, UOP is the place to be. Honeywell bought the company about 10 years ago, and was constantly cutting benefits to UOP so it could mesh with the rest of Honeywell. Now that it's becoming part of Honeywell, it's taking on the typical corporate bloat you'll see at other multinational corporations.Travel if you do Field Service, Great Exposure to RefiningSub-par pay for newbies, Corporate Bloat"

Lead Technology Manager, UOP Des Plaines (Current Employee) says

"There are many opportunities to learn at UOP but not enough openings to advance. The management really is trying their best but the resources available to them dwindle every year. Co-workers stay cheerful though and try to help each other whenever possible. As a licensor of technology, UOP is a great place to become a professional.Reasonable working hours and expectationsHealthcare is terrible"

Account Manager PT&E Sales (Former Employee) says

"UOP was a great place to work, it fostered a creative and collaborative work environment and provided a sense of satisfaction. However, after being purchased by Fortune 100 company, the environment has become about quarter to quarter numbers rather than doing the right thing. This mentality starts at the top and has filtered down the leadership chain putting intense pressure on employees.TraveFortune 500 ownership"

Purchase Orders and Sales orders (Current Employee) says

"I have gained an immeasurable amount of knowledge while being employed here. The most enjoyable part of my job were the challenges. It's very gratifying when you meet your goals."

pilot plant operator (Former Employee) says

"Had a place to walk during lunch, or workout. Empoyeer try to my sure employees stayed healthy.food at work when complete a job well doneneed more people"

shruti sharma says

"it is all a lie"


"I went to the university of Phoenix for 2 years. First they lied to me about how long the program would take. They said two years then found out it was actually 5 years! I left the university because they were dropping me from classes just to get additional money from financial aid ( I was a straight A student for two whole years!) and Now I’m trying to enroll in a different school and am now finding out the additional money they disbursed makes it so I cannot enroll in a school that I can actually graduate from."

C HAWK Corporation says

"I am a current Online Student with University of Phoenix and I rarely write reviews. I am not an attention seeker and one who is very respectful, kind, caring, giving and laid back. I say this to give an honest assessment of the school. I have had an ongoing issue as a current student in receiving my Financial Aid for months now. Mind you this is after continuous submissions and resubmissions of all paperwork requested both via email and uploads numerous times, the same paper work, i.e tax forms, verification forms, etc. Not only this, speaking to different Student Services Employees as well as emails and live chats is a lost cause to get results and resolution. Mind you, I enrolled with Phoenix University without reading the reviews or having knowledge of their past financial exploits only to find out the Government sanctions handed down upon them after the fact for their less than ideal business practices. This now puts all in perspective as to educating for profit instead of for the greater good of the student and society. As of now I would not recommend this institution for any one in good conscience being a former graduate of several other prior institutions in comparison where things were done efficient, with respect, care and professionalism. This is coming from a Veteran who as of now will also not refer other Vet's to this school."


"This is not a good school. The IRB and other areas are so terrible with customer services. It is a night mare with all the staff in all areas. I will never refer anyone in my life time to go to the University of Phoenix."

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